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What should I be looking for in hair extensions?

Whether clip ins, tape ins, beaded or wefts, a quality set of extensions can make all of the difference. Of course, everyone wants them to LOOK good but shouldn’t they FEEL good too?

Synthetic extensions are the most affordable of them all, but can be hard to manage. Synthetic extensions are known to tangle easily and can have a super high shine, which makes them look unnatural. Non-virgin hair extensions means they are being processed, either dyed or treated to change the texture. This type is also not ideal since it’s damaged, but remy extensions are known to be of the highest quality.

Remy extensions are closest to your real hair so they’ll hold styles and texture the same way. Remy hair also won’t shed as much as the cheaper options because they are a unique blend of hair where the cuticles are still intact and the hair runs from root to point. The hair cuticle being intact is essential in protecting the structure of the hair against any damage, leaving you with healthy and glossy extensions. Remy hair extensions also have a longer lifespan and allow for experimentation with hairstyles or even hair color!

DreamCatchers Hair Extensions provide top quality remy hair that's only ethically sourced. DreamCatchers go to extreme lengths to ensure that you will get the best of the best remy hair. On their website under the “Production Process” tab, you will find a FIFTEEN step process detailing what they do as a company to ensure quality. This includes iron free water washing, keratin conditioning, allowing the hair to dry naturally as well as rest, removing shorter hairs as well as grey, coloring, using no harsh chemicals and weaving the hair into “tips” for installation, which prevent damage or slipping. After the bundles are together, brushing, shedding, weight, length and cuticle checks are all performed to then be shipped to you! If you have been wanting long lasting, gorgeous extensions or are looking for a new supplier, make DreamCatchers your go to! Contact us here at VT Hair Salon for your free consult today & visit our DreamCatchers tab for more information as well as before and afters of our work!

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