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We're always looking to expand our team. Read our current career opportunities below:

Hair Stylist

The VT Hair Salon has a unique culture that values hard work, integrity, positivity, and fun! We feel these values combined produce an environment in which people have a great time putting out fabulous hair. We don't want to work with you unless you're fun to be around, and if you're the right fit for our team, you'll understand and agree with us!

Versatility is the name of the game. Willingness to serve any client as best you can with a good attitude is expected, but we encourage our stylists in building portfolios of their desired specialities, as well. In any family, there are moments when things get bumpy. We seek to handle these instances quickly with kindness and grace, so they don't have to ruin a perfectly good day.

We don't say it lightly when we call ourselves the #VTFamily. We are a tribe that fiercely encourages and protects one another. We value dependability, responsibility, motivation, and teamwork. We will cheer you on. We will support your dreams. We will hold you accountable on accomplishing and sustaining your goals. If this sounds like your dream workplace, we want to meet you.

If you are interested in being a contributor to our salon culture and joining our team, contact Beth and Katrina at

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