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The Ultimate Holiday Hair Guide

With an unconventional holiday season upon us, most of us won’t be celebrating with an elaborate updo for the office Christmas party or flowing curls for a New Year’s Eve gala. Yet that shouldn’t stop you from giving your hair a little TLC during the holidays. Whether you enjoy Christmas dinner with family or you’re celebrating virtually on a zoom call (the new norm these days), you'll still want to look and feel your best. If you're unable to make it to the salon, you can try simple hair styling tips at home. The secret to great looking hair is to match your shampoo, conditioner and styling products to your hair’s needs. Have curly hair? Try products geared to enhance natural curls. Hair thin and straight? Use shampoo for straight hair or try volumizing products if your hair is fine or you'd like some volume. Here are a few styling secrets for beautiful locks this season:

Let it curl, girl...

If you're blessed with curly locks, go full-on curly. Allow your curly locks to shine. Wash and condition hair with products designed to enhance curls, such as Wella NUTRICURLS Shampoo and Conditioner. Before drying, apply a small amount of NUTRICURLS EIMI Curl Shaper (or any favorite curling product) evenly on damp hair. Air dry hair or use a diffuser. You can wrap curls around your finger to help define the curls. Styling products designed for curly hair help to nourish hair while reducing frizz, leaving hair soft and manageable with beautiful bouncy curls. Styling tip: You can twist naturally curly hair around foam rollers or rags when it's wet or wrap hair into mini "hair buns" and pin them in place. Once hair is dry, unwrap it and you'll have a loose, boho-style curl or wave. Experiment with different curling techniques until you achieve the results that you love.

Go sleek and straight...

Anyone with thick, wavy or curly hair owns a hair straightener. That's because most of us long for what we don't have (if we have curly hair, we want it straight, if we have straight hair we want it curly). Thankfully, hair products can help us achieve a variety of looks, no matter what our hair type.

Wash and dry hair. Using a large, round brush, dry hair in sections, pulling each section with the brush and running the hair dryer along the top of hair. It's important to section your hair and start underneath.

Once hair is dry, section hair again. Apply a straightening product such as Wella EIMI Thermal Image heat protection spray to hair and run the flat iron down the length of your hair. Thermal Image is designed to nourish your hair and to protect it from heat. It is also used to smoothe hair for a flawless shiny finish. Styling tip: When sectioning hair for any style, always pin or clip the hair you are not working on, out of the way. Don't just style the top sections of your hair without drying or styling underneath. Just because you can't see the hair doesn't mean it won't affect the entire look if you don't dry and style it properly.

Use bobby pins creatively... Even celebrities use the trusted bobby pin to keep hair half up or to hold a wave in place, tuck strands out of sight or decorate a stylish chignon. Bobby pins can discretely hide in your hair or share the spotlight with soft curls. Try parting your hair off-center or to one side and sweep hair or bangs over one eye. Pin to hold in place for a classic look that is simple and sophisticated. In addition to using single bobby pins, you can line them up in a row of 3 or 4 for additional glamour or pin your hair back with a pretty, decorated hair pin or accessory. It's the holiday season, so why not add a little bling? Styling tip: Mist with EIMI Stay Essential or other misting spray for long lasting hold.

Style a high or low pony... Ponytails are a quick fix and instant style for anyone with medium to long hair. If you think you're too mature for a ponytail, think again. Ponytails don't have to sit high on your head. You can use a pretty clip to hold a low ponytail in place, allow a few strands of hair to frame your face or wrap your ponytail into a chic bun. There are so many options.

Styling tip: Curl your pony tail or keep it sleek. Watch this Wella video for pro tips.

For additional tips on styling your hair like a pro, we think you'll enjoy reading these hair styling tips and secrets. Happy experimenting. Happy holidays!

(all image credits: Canva)

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