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It’s a Fringe Frenzy (get the looks that are BANG on)

They say that a lady’s hair is her crowning glory. Since you can’t wear a crown in public (well… you probably shouldn’t), why not frame your pretty face with bangs instead. If you’re considering a change and want an update to your current 'do, take a peek at the latest bangs this season. Autumn 2020 is the season of the fringe (a British word for bangs which sounds so much cooler). Adding bangs to long or short hair can instantly update your signature style with a look that’s right on trend.

Bangs offer an easy transformation when you’re tired of your current hairstyle. They provide a flattering frame to highlight your face and they can modernize your everyday look. There’s a fringe for every face shape and hairstyle too, so whether you’ve got long layers or a sassy bob, adding bangs will still make you feel like a brand new person. Here are a few variations of the fringe, just perfect for the start of a new season.

French Girl fringe

The French fringe has always been ultra chic. Brigitte Bardot rocked it in the 60s and it’s super stylish and fresh again. Can you see yourself with a modern fringe inspired by one of the most iconic styles of the past?

(photo: Pickist)

Blunt cut or classic fringe

Ready to discover a brand new you? This is a great option if you want a total transformation. Classic bangs can offer a dramatic change, depending on the texture of your hair. If your hair is thin and you opt for a blunt, graze-the-browline fringe, it can emphasize your face shape. This style is particularly suited to slim faces.

(photo: Pickist)

Wispy fringe

Bangs don’t have to be heavy, they can be soft and feathered with wispy ends. Wispy bangs are usually on the long side and they can help shorten longer face shapes. They create a tousled look for a carefree and feminine vibe. (photo: Canva)

Curly fringe

This style is easier to manage when you’ve got naturally curly locks and are accustomed to styling products that help tame your tresses.

(photo: Wella Professionals)

Long fringe This style covers your forehead and sits just above eye level (flashback to Mom telling you to get your hair out of your face.) This is a good length for longer hairstyles and it’s also a great starting point if it’s been awhile since you’ve had bangs. Remember, you can always go shorter, but when you go too short, only time can bring that hair back.

(photo: Wella Professionals)

Curtain fringe

When you want to ease into bangs, this is the style for you. It offers plenty of styling options. Curtain bangs have a middle part and they’re on the longer side. With wispy ends, the look is very laid back (a la 70’s).

(photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Side swept fringe

This style of bangs is subtle because your bangs still have some length. It’s ideal for those who are hesitant to wear bangs but eager for a change. When bangs are swept to the side, it creates a look that easily suits any face shape. The side swept fringe is also a great option when you already have bangs and you are trying to grow them out. (photo: Wella Professionals)

Want more inspiration?

These celebrity haircuts featured on the Good Housekeeping site earlier this year prove that bangs really are for everyone, whether you walk the red carpet or not.

If you have short hair, check out these short hairstyles with bangs. If you have long hair, take a look at the best hairstyles for long hair with bangs.

Wondering which bangs best suit your face shape? Read what Glamour has to say about it here.

When you’re ready to turn heads with eye-catching bangs that get you noticed, make an appointment with us. We’d love to be part of the transformation.

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